Mutual confidence

Loyal growers

Respect des terroirs

150 years experience working in the vineyards has enabled Delor to select a number of loyal growers in each appellation. Our winemakers show the utmost respect for the work of these talented men and women, who are driven by a passion for wine and possess a thorough understanding of the terroirs, which they work manually on a daily basis. This authenticity is a value we are determined to preserve in all our signature brands and Châteaux wines.

Close, longstanding relationships with growers

Liens viticulteurs

This in-depth understanding of both the terroirs and the growers who exploit their full potential, has resulted in robust, longterm partnerships. To ensure the longterm sustainability and reliability of our supplies, exclusive contracts are established with all our partner growers. Today, Maison Delor has the exclusive rights to the distribution of around thirty châteaux, and for some this relationship built on trust has lasted more than a century.

Customer partnerships built on trust

Relation de fidelite

Today Delor plays a major role both in the French multiple retail sector and in more than 50 export markets. Enjoying an excellent reputation and financial stability, its longterm future is guaranteed. It can be proud of its relationships with distributors built on trust, which for some have stood the test of time for more than 40 years.

Assiduous, expert market support and guidance

Ecoute experte

Delor has one of the largest commercial salesforces in Bordeaux, with sixty men and women located at close proximity to their markets. An in-depth knowledge of distribution networks and local consumption habits, regular training and tasting sessions have formed a robust team of wine experts capable of anticipating and meeting market demand.

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