Responsible and sustainable development

Protecting the environment has always been a major priority for Delor, who introduced waste sorting and recycling facilities back in 2001, and a water purification site in 2004.

To consolidate these practices, in 2012 Delor adopted the voluntary, collective Environmental Management System (EMS), spearheaded by the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bordeaux. Bordeaux was the first wine-producing region to unite the entire wine industry around such an approach.

In 2013, the internationally recognised ISO 14001 certification acknowledged its commitment to an environmentally friendly approach.


Protecting the environment and our terroirs

Proteger environnement
  • Managing waste = 100% of waste is reused.
  • Managing effluents: introducing water purification facilities in 2004
  • Reducing the impact on the environment:
    • At our production site: setting up two rainwater reservoirs in 2012.
    • At our partner winemakers: supplying dry goods including bottles and corks, and a waste collection system.

Protecting our ressources

Preserver nos ressources
  • Reducing water consumption: since 2008, 62% reduction in water consumption by recycling water used for washing and rinsing bottles.
  • 100% green energy: since 2013, Delor only uses renewable energy sources, including solar or hydro-power.

Safety in the workplace

  • Training 100% of our employees on risk prevention (pollution, harmful products, ergonomy in the work place).
  • Safety across the entire production site.
  • Reducing difficult working conditions: improving work posts, using machines for difficult tasks, notably handling and lifting bottles (unloading palettes).

Developing environmentally friendly marketing ethos

Securiser les hommes
  • An environmentally-friendly approach to making wine, using:
    • Lighter bottles since 2013.
    • Environmentally-friendly, untreated cardboard, without inners, to reduce paper consumption.
    • Corks only made from natural cork.
    • PEFC certified wooden cases and choosing the « Made in Aquitaine » brand, to guarantee more than 80% of wood used is sourced in sustainably managed forests.
    • Label printing suppliers certified “Imprimvert” (to limit the impact of printing on the environment).
  • Prioritise local suppliers who are committed to sustainable development.

Helping others

Marketing eco-responsable
  • Protecting the environment today is safeguarding the future of our children.
  • Becoming an eco-citizen: Delor collects used corks for a local cancer charity (Agir Cancer Gironde), sorting and re-using to make insulation panels provides not only invaluable funds for cancer research, but also brings an environmentally-friendly aspect to the project. For more information:
  • Becoming an eco-buyer: Once a year Delor organises a private sale of used wooden cases and donates all funds raised to the « Restos du Coeur » charity initiative.

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