Villa des Dunes, a new rosé to enliven your summer!

Villa des Dunes: a rosé that invites you to set sail for southern climes… the bottle, whose base evokes the shape of the dunes, transports you to the sunny terrace of a beautiful villa, atop sandy slopes overlooking the sea. Enjoy a delicious moment of reverie as you contemplate this spectacular rosé world.
- DAZZLING PINK: a beautiful pale pink, reflecting our oenologists’ meticulous work during the gentle extraction of the grapes’ colour.
- DAZZLING FRESHNESS: like the breeze undulating across the sands of the dunes, this rosé offers remarkable aromatic intensity and purity.
- A DAZZLING BORDEAUX: intense like the waves of the indentation in the base of the bottle in the shape of a dune, Villa des Dunes offers the finesse and refinement of the greatest rosés.